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  • For Students

    See how Advanced Technological Education (ATE) can teach you real world skills and prepare you for a career in technology.

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  • For Parents

    Learn about ATE programs at centers and community colleges around the country, and the opportunities ATE might open up for your son or daughter.

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  • For Educators

    Learn more about the key aspects of ATE programs, how to apply for ATE funding of your own, and where to find classroom resources provided by ATETV advisors.

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  • For Guidance Counselors

    Watch ATE graduates putting their skills to work and learn how you can help students decide if ATE is right for them.

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  • For Industry

    Each week, ATETV showcases examples of how community colleges, working hand-in-hand with industry, are leading the way in developing the educated workforce of tomorrow.

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  • For Community

    ATE programs aren't only good for students and their future employers, they are a cost-effective way to keep America competitive in a rapidly changing global economy.

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