Advanced Technological Education (ATE) programs are based at two-year community colleges and four-year colleges across the country, providing a host of unique educational opportunities. And through ATETV, you can learn much more about these innovative programs.

Whether you’re a student or parent, an employer or school counselor, or just someone interested in what is happening in the world of Advanced Technological Education, ATETV can be a valuable resource. Consider:

Is your son or daughter thinking about college? Is he or she a whiz at science, math and technology? Find out why an ATE program might provide him or her with a challenging learning experience and a promising future.

Are you a high school or community college educator interested in starting an ATE program or incorporating ATE content into your curriculum? Learn more about the many ways that ATE can benefit your classroom, including how to apply for ATE funding of your own, and where to find educational resources provided by ATETV advisors.

College school counselors can learn about the many leading-edge ATE programs available in community colleges throughout the country, providing you with a range of interesting options as you advise students interested in technology careers.

ATE Centers at community colleges around the country also work hand-in-hand with industry to provide area communities with an educated technical workforce, poised to compete in today’s competitive global marketplace. If you’re an employer, HR professional or government policymaker, find out about the many resources available through ATE Centers and how they can help you reach out to the next generation of America’s high-tech workforce.

ATETV is a versatile, vital resource that offers so much to so many. Do you have an ATE story you’d like to share? Submit a post to ATETV by emailing Please note, however, that all submissions are subject to the editorial review and approval of ATETV.

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