Watching ATETV videos on

When you first arrive at, you’ll see the latest video episode front and center. Simply click on the video window to begin watching. (If you don’t see anything in the video window or if the video does not begin playing, check that you have that latest version of your Web browser and of other software; see above.)

The video controls underneath the video window are the same as for any YouTube video:

  • Click the Play/Pause button (the triangle on the far left) to start or stop the video;
  • Drag the scrubber (the circle moving left to right as the video plays) or click; anywhere within the scrub bar to move back and forth within the video;
  • Adjust the volume by clicking the speaker icon;
  • Clicking on the triangle on the far right brings up a small menu where you can turn captions on and off.

Each episode of ATETV contains multiple segments – usually three separate stories. To the right of the video player window, you’ll see the segments within that episode. Simply click on the segment you want to watch to jump right to it.

Need a transcript of an episode? Click on the “Transcript” link on the episode page to download the transcript as a PDF file.

Looking for older videos or segments about a particular topic? Click on the blue “Watch Episodes” tab along the top of the page. That will bring you to a page where you can sort ATETV videos by various criteria:

  • Most Recent is a reverse-chronological list of episodes;
  • Most Popular sorts by the number of times a video has been viewed;
  • Sorting by School allows you to find videos about one particular community college – choose which school from the pull-down menu;
  • Sorting by Category allows you view all the videos about a particular type industry – manufacturing, for example, or agriculture.
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