Technical Requirements has been designed so that most visitors should be able to use it on most computers and with most Web browsers. If you have successfully watched streaming video on YouTube, you should have no trouble watching ATETV videos.

If you are having trouble viewing accessing the site or viewing the videos, make sure that Flash, JavaScript and CSS are turned on in your Web browser. In fact, depending on your browser, you may receive an error message when you visit, asking you to turn on these features if they are deactivated or update them if they are out-of-date. You can control these functions in the “Preferences” menu of your Web browser.

Also, make sure that your Web browser and other software is up-to-date. (This is also a good way to protect your computer from viruses and other vulnerabilities.) In particular, if you are using Internet Explorer 5 or earlier, you should upgrade; ATETV has been tested to work with Internet Explorer 6 or higher.

Below are links to the most recent versions of commonly used Web browsers and software:

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